New Film: How Sweet It Is

Tony posted this today on Twitter:

I just finished working on the indie musical comedy film “How Sweet It Is” w/ the great Paul Sorvino & a tremendous cast and crew. Loved it!

He also retweeted this photo from the set, where you can see the top of his head.

Here is some more information about the film:

- Tony’s character is named Barry.

- The story focuses on alcoholic theater owner, Jack (Piscopo) who needs a strong showing for his musical’s opening night to dig himself out of debt with the mob.  The mob boss (Sorvino) insists that his friends get roles in the musical, which complicates things somewhat.  Reynolds will cameo as himself and Christensen will play Jack’s daughter.  How Sweet It Is, directed by Brian Hertzlinger (Baby on Board) from a script he co-wrote with Jay Black will debut this fall.  source

- How Sweet It Is also stars Joe Piscopo, Erika Christensen, Paul Sorvino, Michael Paré, Eddie Griffin, and Burt Reynolds.  source

The film also has a website, but it currently does not contain much information.

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